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Responsible and environmentally conscious: flex|pos aims to become a climate-neutral company. To this end, we have launched green|pos, our ambitious project for sustainable environmental protection. We plan our technicians' routes efficiently, strive for a paperless office and operate our website in a climate-neutral way. And to neutralize our CO2 emissions, we reforest destroyed rainforest areas in Panama together with the CO2OL initiative and have trees planted there every year. In this way, a flex|pos forest is gradually growing that we are proud of.

17 Targets

At flex|pos, we support the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and contribute to achieving these goals through our business activities. We are committed to protecting the environment and the well-being of our employees and partners and are committed to a sustainable future.

E-charging stations

As a company with a strong awareness of sustainability, it is important to us to also enable our employees to have environmentally friendly mobility. We have therefore installed electric charging points at our site in Unna. This allows our employees to charge their electric cars during work and get to work emission-free.

Flowering meadow

We have created a flowering meadow at our e-charging stations in Unna. This contributes to the preservation of biodiversity and creates a habitat for insects and other animals.

Equipped kitchen

We have a fully equipped kitchen in our company that is available to our employees. This enables them to prepare their own meals and helps to protect the environment by avoiding packaging waste and unnecessary packaging.

Canteen in Unna

An external canteen is available to our employees in the industrial area in Unna. Catering for our employees is important to us, which is why we are provided with regionally prepared meals here.


Trees in Panama

As a company, we take responsibility for our environment and are committed to climate protection. That is why we have planted trees in Panama to offset the CO2 emissions of our business activities. Together with the CO2OL initiative, we are therefore reforesting destroyed rainforest areas in Panama and planting trees there every year. In this way, a flex|pos forest is gradually growing that we are proud of.

High-quality education
Local products
Equal rights
Green electricity

High-quality education

High-quality education, studies, training: We are aware that education and training are important prerequisites for sustainable development. We therefore promote the training and further education of our employees through regular training courses and workshops. We are also actively committed to promoting education and training in our region. We train the skilled workers of tomorrow.

Local products for meetings & events

When planning meetings and events, we take care to use local products and thus support regional suppliers. In this way, we avoid long transportation routes and contribute to environmental protection.

Equal rights

At flex|pos, equality is an important issue. We value the diversity and different perspectives of our employees and promote an open corporate culture that is characterized by respect, equality and tolerance. We are committed to equal opportunities and fair working conditions for all.

Green electricity

As a sustainable company, we obtain our electricity exclusively from renewable energy sources. By using green electricity, we are making an important contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the climate. At the same time, we are promoting the energy transition and the expansion of renewable energies.

Digital Workplace

We rely on a digital workplace and thus not only promote the flexibility and efficiency of our employees, but also a resource-saving way of working. By using digital tools and work processes, we reduce our paper consumption and save energy.

Equal Pay

We are actively committed to equal pay for our employees, regardless of gender, origin or other factors. This is an important contribution to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #5: Gender Equality. We want to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and equally, as this is the only way we can create a harmonious working environment.

Sustainable partner relationships

We only work with suppliers and partners who meet our sustainability criteria and also contribute to responsible consumption and production patterns. We attach great importance to transparency and open communication in order to shape a sustainable future together.

Responsibility as a family business

As a family-owned company in the German SME sector, we have a special responsibility towards our employees and partners. We attach great importance to open and trusting cooperation and are actively committed to promoting well-being, health and safety in the workplace.

Packaging material

We are actively committed to reducing packaging materials and finding reusable alternatives without compromising on quality. This is our contribution to the sustainable use of resources.

Drinking water sparkler

With our drinking water sparkler, we offer a sustainable alternative to disposable bottles and plastic packaging. By using tap water and the option to make it individually sparkling, we can contribute to the accessibility of clean and available water and promote a responsible consumption pattern with regard to plastic bottles.

Paperless Office

In order to minimize our paper and resource consumption, we rely on paperless document processing. Our employees can access digital documents, which saves time and money and also protects the environment.

Hardware repair

We focus on sustainability by repairing instead of buying new hardware. In this way, we avoid waste and wasting resources and help to protect the environment.


We promote the health and sustainability of our employees by providing them with a company bike if required. This supports cycling as an environmentally friendly alternative to the car and reduces CO2 emissions.

Company cars

We are committed to environmentally friendly mobility and have therefore converted some of our company cars to hybrid or electric drives. This allows us to make a contribution to climate protection and improve air quality.

Economic development

Business development: We are committed to promoting sustainable business practices and job creation in our region. By organizing workshops on the topic of "Work of the future", we want to prepare our employees for the challenges of digital change and raise their awareness of sustainable business practices.

Sustainable route optimization for our technicians

Through intelligent and sustainable route optimization by our technicians, we can minimize our carbon footprint and work more efficiently at the same time. This is an important contribution to sustainability goals, as we are actively committed to reducing emissions.